Luxe X Kit by Vaporesso

Luxe X by Vaporesso

A Pod Kit review today and following the success of the Luxe range, this is the Luxe X Kit by Vaporesso. This was supplied by the folks over at Health Cabin. They are well worth checking out if you’re in the market for any new vape gear. You will find a vast amount of the latest and greatest in Mods, vape kits and E-liquids, but make sure you register an account and log in to see the best prices.

So let’s check out the Luxe X Pod Kit by Vaporesso!

Packaging & Contents

The Luxe X kit comes in a slide-out cardboard box. On top of the outer sleeve is the Vaporesso logo in bright green with the printed brand and Luxe X title. In the middle is an embossed image of the device wearing the colour that’s inside the box. Each side of the outer sleeve is bright Green. On the left side is a scratch-for-authenticity label and on the right side are four printed key features of the device.

On the bottom of the outer sleeve are the printed title, specifications, contents packing list, Vaporesso’s contact info and warnings. There is also a printed barcode which also specifies the colour of the unit inside. The inner box slides out to reveal the contents, which are:

  • Vaporesso Luxe X Pod Device.
  • Vaporesso Luxe X 0.4Ω Mesh Pod.
  • Vaporesso Luxe X 0.8Ω Mesh Pod.
  • Type-C Charge Cable.
  • User Manual.

Vaporesso Luxe X Package Contents

Luxe X Device

Luxe X Device DesignThe Luxe X by Vaporesso is a portable pod device measuring 98mm high, 21.6mm in width and a depth of 21.5mm. It runs on an internal 1500mAh battery with a 5V/1.5A charging current via the Type-C cable. The device uses Vaporesso’s popular AXON chip.

The Luxe X is built with a clear body containing 3 durable layers so you can see the components inside while still keeping a strong rugged build. At the top is a panel going around the device featuring the ‘V’ Vaporesso logo and the power/fire button on the other side. There is also an airflow slot on each side, which lines up to the bottom of the pod when inserted. This panel is in the selected colour of the Luxe X chosen. This device is in Red but is also available in Black, Silver, Grey, Blue, Green or Purple. The panelling design inside the clear body of the device is also partly in the colour and has the Luxe X title with Vaporesso down one side. The lower part of the body has a semi-opaque smoked appearance that smoothes round to the bottom where the Type-C charge port sits.

The Luxe X only has one power/fire button and sets wattage accordingly to the pod resistance inserted (to the maximum of 40W). To power on or off, it’s the usual 5 fast clicks of the button. There isn’t an auto draw feature, so to vape, you use only the button to fire.

There is a 3 LED system built into the circuit board visible through the clear device body. This is a simple one-colour light configuration that indicates power on and battery level while vaping or charging the Luxe X. When the battery is at 60-100% power, all three lights are active, two lights for 30-60% and one light for under 30%.

The LEDs also light up when one of the Luxe X’s safety protections kicks in; such as all LEDs flashing five times for short-circuit protection. Other protections include Low and high resistance, No load, low voltage and Over-charge protection.

Vaporesso Luxe Flip View

Luxe X Pods

There are two pods supplied in the Luxe X kit. These are in 0.4Ω and 0.8Ω resistance and both are Mesh. The pods have the coils sealed inside so you will need to buy complete replacement cartridges, though I am aware of a later version coming out on another Luxe that uses Vaporesso’s GTX coils.

Vaporesso Luxe X PodsThe Luxe X Pods are in a smoked thick PCTG with magnetic connections on the base that connects to the Luxe X. The resistance of the pod is also printed on the bottom. Situated nicely on the base is a rubber bung that pulls out to refill the pod with E-liquid. The pod size is 5ml E-liquid capacity but there is also a 2ml version supplied to TPD-governed countries in the EU.

Vaporesso claims that the pods have SSS leak-resistant technology for a leak-free experience. They also claim that the coils used within the enclosed pod use COREX heating technology for 50% more flavour and vapour production, lifespan and efficiency.

Paired with the Luxe X device, there are 2 different airflow options. Simply switch around the pod 180 degrees and connect to the device for either a tighter and more open vape, so you can switch between each for your desired vaping. The higher 0.8ohm pod would suit more MTL while the 0.4-ohm pod would suit DTL vaping.

My Thoughts

I have been using the Luxe X Kit by Vaporesso as part of my daily set-ups for the last couple of weeks or so. While not groundbreaking compared to other similar-sized pod kits, there are some plus points that could clinch buying one.

Firstly, it cosmetically looks the part with its futuristic look with its windows to see the components and workings of the device inside. It also feels good in use being a nice portable size for the average-sized hand. It is completely simple to use with its one-button function and the pod resistance automatically setting the best wattage, it is literally plug-and-play! Bear in mind, there is no auto draw so you do have to rely on pressing the fire button to vape. I found the battery to last very well and charges up quick from a flat battery.

The Luxe X Pods offer a really smooth vape and I encountered zero leaking with either pod. Even without any condensation to speak of. Both the 0.8Ω in MTL and 0.4Ω in DTL give some good cloud production and both are full of flavour. After using the Luxe X for a few weeks, both pods are still going strong without any flavour deterioration so far. The pods are cheap enough for replacements, but if you prefer using coils, check out the later version due at Health Cabin in the Vaporesso XR that uses the GTX coils.

All in all, it is a decent portable pod kit that feels strong and looks good while offering a flavourful smooth vape. To pick up the kit, head over to Health Cabin via the links at the start of the review and make sure you log in or register an account to get the best price on the Luxe X by Vaporesso. Thanks for reading!

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